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Mini Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by harry, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. harry

    harry Administrator/MVP Staff Member

    (Update from Braydon, but posted for him by me)
    Hi Backers,
    This is Braydon, CEO of RoBo 3D. Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update in regards to current production. We have been building the printers (minus the top and bottom) in house and wanted to show you a pic of our printer racks.
    The pieces for the top and the bottom of the printer (a small batch of them 50-100) were told to us are going to be shipped tomorrow. We then will try and get a few more smaller batches in before the big batch arrives from the sea shipment. If you all have any more questions or would like to follow real time updates, head over toforums.robo3dprinter.com and log into the shoutbox where I will be every day until these ship out.
    Lastly, filament will go on sale on the website tomorrow. We just picked up the shipment and have all sorts of colors ABS and PLA in stock. We will send out a quick update tomorrow when it goes on sale! Thanks.
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    A picture of a Nylon Print (Added from original update)

  2. ScottV

    ScottV New Member

    It is good that things are moving forward. Is there any updates on the delivery schedules? My printer is not due till next month if it makes it then but I'm sure many would be like me, wanting to know when it would be here so we could be planning around that rather than waiting in limbo not knowing.


  3. Crohnsy

    Crohnsy New Member

    Any chance of an updated delivery schedule?
  4. CAMBO3D

    CAMBO3D Active Member

    there's no way they can give you an accurate delivery schedule. The rest of the parts needed have not arrived yet.
    I'm sure once they get the last of the parts. we will get an update. A partial shipment of the rest of the parts is expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks. Best "guesstimate" with those parts is that they will start shipping at end of month to early july for some of the march tier backers

    best way to stay informed is to keep an eye out for updates and read the forums.
  5. Crohnsy

    Crohnsy New Member

    Whats so hard about them telling us that? It would be nice to have an updated ETA. Doesn't have to be the most accurate but would be nice to see what its shaping up time wise. Telling us they have PLA and ABS in stock is all well and good but I don't have a printer to print with it yet......
  6. CAMBO3D

    CAMBO3D Active Member

    well i just gave you a guesstimate based on their forum responses within the last week. what more do you want? if you don't believe me go back and read through the shout box. Being an active member in the forum will help ease some of your concerns. just read.
  7. harry

    harry Administrator/MVP Staff Member

    Hey Cambo, you might have missed it in the shoutbox, but the final parts needed already shipped and should arrive this coming week hopefully. Not all of the parts, but as stated previously, a small shipment of 50-100 sets of the final parts. They should, I believe they said, be receiving small shipments like this until the large shipment comes in by sea. I hope that clears it up. Let me know
    - Harry
  8. CAMBO3D

    CAMBO3D Active Member

    yes i know harry.

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