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Z axis mod

Discussion in 'Mods and Upgrades' started by Dale Rooney, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Dale Rooney

    Dale Rooney New Member

    Here's how I fixed the z axis end stop. You'll have to remove the top housing of the printer and use a 1/8" drill bit and a #6-32 screw to drill completely through the plastic assembly. Be sure the drill bit is long enough to make it all the way through without the chuck hitting the plastic assembly. You may have to set the bit as far out of the chuck as possible.

    Something I didn't do, (and I won't take it apart to redo it) is drill out the top 1 or 2 layers with a slightly larger drill bit (probably 9/64"). The screw is very tight otherwise and you need to be careful not to round out the head of the screw. A hex head screw would be a good idea but it could be hard to find one that long. On the plus side, the screw is so tight it'll never move on it's own.


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  2. Dale Rooney

    Dale Rooney New Member

    Guess I'm a little late to the party with this one. This is pretty much the same as Cambo3D's mod with the stock end stop mounting.

    I posted in 'troubleshooting' about a problem with my y belt coming loose, anyone have a fix for that?

  3. oh thats so awesome! thanks!
  4. tesseract

    tesseract RoBo3D Forum Moderator Staff Member

    yep they have a fix for that as well the fix is complicated and there are a few other mods you could do at the same time like the bed leveler which is a key thing to have

    I have to admit the bedleveler is my mod but hey it works and people here seem to like it
    here is the thingiverse link give it a look

    the fix for the loose bed is to remove the bed to get access to the belt
    so you will have to remove the belt brackets ends one each side and then the board from the rails
    it get kind of tricky as well you need to get the belt fairly tight while it sits in the gears that actually drive the belt by repositioning the belt in the belt bracket this may have to be trial and error but it is necessary.you should be able to plunk the belt like a guitar string and have it make a sound.

    Another thing to check is the shaft of the motor to make sure it has a nice flat edge if it does not it could slip from there. If it doesn't flatten it with a dremel tool or something and re attach the gear to the motor.

    Once all that is done then comes the actual fix take a tie wrap and tie the flap of excess belt back to the belt. In other words the belt forms a "U" shape as it goes around the belt bracket simply tie wrap the uprights of the "U" together the sides that meet each other will both have grooves or teeth and they will interlock and when tie wrapped that way it becomes almost impossible to slip any more. Just simply wrap a tie wrap around both "uprights" and tighten.

    This will have to be done to both sides. Once done though I have not had to re tighten them

    Remember after this you will most likely have to readjust the bed height as definitely the z height

    Good luck and repost if you still have problems

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